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MicroMarkup is a modern modern markup language that translates itself into immutable Clojure data structures.

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Welcome to MicroMarkup!

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Clojure is a linguistic artwork of philosophy and application, being practically useful, and still upholding the ideals of functional programming / immutability. MicroMarkup takes this to a new level. With the separation of literals from the source files, you will:

  1. Make Translating a breeze.
  2. Clean up your messy General / Global declarations
  3. Take advantage of the rich data-input technique of Template and Template instances.

So step in using the links below. Use the source, read the source, love the source, and when the source betrays you, commit a bug fix or candidate patch. That is the power of Open Source!

Learning / Downloading MML

Wiki - Growing every day

Code - Beware of nested gits!


No known Applications (in the "App" sense) that user MicroMarkup exist. But here are a few examples where MicroMarkup would excel in being used:

Whatever the application, there is always room for a nice, readable file to go along with it.